Quote about professional development

Teachers are life-long learners. It is in our blood to want to learn more about the latest in education and strengthen our skills. Shulamith offers professional development throughout the year to support our teachers, which better supports our students. 

Teachers engaged in professional learning on the day before school began for students. Topics were based on the needs of the teachers. We learned more about differentiation in the classroom and best practices in classroom management. In addition, the two new online programs, Smarty Ants and Mathletics, were shared, and the teachers received support from the company representatives. 

On Election Day, we will continue our learning to better utilize Word Walls in the classroom and Formative Assessment Techniques. 

Throughout the year, we have a Literacy Coach who works with teachers one-on-one and does classroom visits with immediate feedback and next steps. 

Lastly, we follow an observation cycle where teachers are observed, receive feedback and then have a follow-up conversation with the administration. The feedback provided includes articles and research with suggestions for improving practice and supporting students. 

Just like our students, teachers are constantly learning. Shulamith Teachers are up-to-date with best practices in education.