Project Witness

“Our past is what catapults and narrates our future.” Rabbi Joey Haber -Rabbi of Magen David Synagogue 

I was honored to represent Shulamith as an invited guest to the 7th Annual Worldwide  Holocaust Educator’s Conference this weekend. It is the conference of Project Witness, an unbelievable organization dedicated to Holocaust education. Project Witness has been a crucial partner this year at Shulamith. They have worked monthly with our Eighth Graders to develop their knowledge of the Holocaust while empowering them to be the next generation to keep the lessons of the Holocaust alive and relevant. It is up to our children to tell our story. Therefore, as parents and educators, we must provide them with the education and tools to make this a reality.

Project Witness and Holocaust Educator Karen Lerner has worked with our students to delve deep into the Holocaust. Topics for the yearlong curriculum include Kristallnacht, Jews in Hiding, Jewish Women in the Resistance Movement, Yom Hashoah, and Holocaust Aftermath. We were privileged to hear a firsthand account from Mrs. Toby Levy of her experiences during the Holocaust, where she explained that after hearing her story, we were all now witnesses. She challenged us with the vital task of telling her story and the power of hate to future generations.

Our year of learning will culminate on June 7th when we tour the Museum of Jewish Heritage Holocaust Museum in Manhattan. 

It has been a powerful and thought-provoking experience that would not have been possible without Mrs. Helen Weg and Mrs. Karen Lerner from Project Witness. We are incredibly grateful for their support.  

“We are all Jews and we all have the responsibility to remember.” Ruth Lichtenstein-Founder of Project Witness