Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn Expands its Space and Program

BROOKLYN, NY — OCT. 24, 2018 — Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn has just signed a long-term lease at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center. Our school has seen a healthy increase in enrollment, and this new lease will accommodate its growing student body. Shulamith School will take additional space to accommodate the expansion of our Early Childhood Center, including providing UPK. It is also upgrading current facilities, as it rolls out additional programs and activities for students in all divisions of the school. Improvements include: A new, up-to-date, STEAM lab, new art room, additional space for resource rooms, and new classroom space. The Manhattan Beach Jewish Center is ideally located, as Shulamith’s students come from all over Brooklyn, with particularly large numbers from the surrounding communities of Mill Basin, Marine Park, Manhattan Beach and Flatbush. "These are exciting times at Shulamith," said President of the Board, Dr. Gary Abberbock. "The Manhattan Beach community has been very supportive of our yeshiva". Shulamith has been educating girls for over 85 years in Brooklyn, and provides an outstanding Jewish Education, with an unwavering devotion to Torah and Eretz Yisrael. Additionally, Shulamith students enjoy a strong education in General Studies where girls are challenged by engaging in active, creative, and critical thought. With many extra-curricular activities and technology programs, Shulamith encourages and strengthens the girls' joy for learning.

“Every child in our school is very special and they are our priority. Our commitment is to foster an environment of warmth and joy for learning in which each and every student knows that she is loved", said Alex Shtaynberger, Chairman of the Board at Shulamith. "Our mission has always been to inspire every young girl and provide her the opportunity to achieve her potential." Shulamith continues to attract girls from Orthodox families, from many different eidot, communities, in Klal Yisrael, who value both an outstanding Limudei Kodesh, Hebrew and General Studies education. With new and innovative programs – including emphases on technology, science and Israel advocacy – Shulamith is well positioned to continue to provide the very best chinuch! We are looking forward, ה"בע , to the next 85 plus years!



Liz Levi, Finance Director, Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn

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