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From the desk of Rabbi Klammer.

A well-known idea expressed by the Baal Shem Tov (Degel Machane Ephraim on Parshat Noach) is that תיבה ark, has a צוהר תעשה לתיבה ,more common meaning “word”. Therefore, when Hashem tells Noach to build a window for the ark Hashem is also reminding Noach, and all of us, to use “enlightened words, or speech. This is something which human be- ings have been struggling with throughout history. This week, our teachers, B”H, enlightened our parents about the curriculum and programs planned for this year. On be- half of the entire administration and board, I want to express tremendous הכרת הטוב appreciation to our faculty for their hard work and late nights this week. I also express great appreciation to our parents for attending. As partners in the education of our students, your attendance was most important and gratifying. If, for any reason you could not make it, I encourage you to communicate with your daughter’s teacher to find out what was said. I also want to thank The Par- ent Delegate Committee, represented at the Parent Orientations by David Neuman and Tova Schneider. I thank the Parent Nutrition Committee, represented at Back-to-School Night (Parent Orientation) by Dr. Boyar (a pediatrician). I thank the Parent Curriculum Committee, that worked with Mrs. Shusterman on the Curricular pacing calendars over the summer. Regular parent involvement makes a significant difference in our school! BE”H, I will speak more in the future about the wonderful work of each of these committees. Through ongoing dialogue and partnership, we can insure the best possi- ble chinuch for our bnot Yisrael!


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