Midot Tovot 5778

Which mida tova will we be focusing upon this year?

In a number of grades, we will be introducing our midot curriculum, produced and sponsored by the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation. These programs have proven to be very successful and we are confident that they will have a big impact upon our talmidot!


May all members of the Shulamith community be zoche to serve the Ribbono shel Olam by practicing exemplary midot towards others at home, in school, and wherever we may be.

"ושמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם": Carefully watching our health and the health of others. This means being vigilant about physical, mental, and spiritual health. The Gemara forbids a talmid-chacham to live in a town in which there is no physician to care for the health of its citizens. The Gemara also offers much advice on how a person is to keep in good health. Maimonides, himself a doctor, devotes a section of the Mishneh Torah to health related issues. He begins: “Since it is Hashem’s will that a [person]’s body be kept healthy and strong, because it is impossible for a [person] to have any knowledge of his Creator when ill, it is, therefore, his duty to shun anything which may waste his body, and to strive to acquire habits that will help him to preserve his health.” You may recall that Rav Kook praised the inclusion of physical education in the curriculum, as a fulfillment of this mitzvah. Here at Shulamith we will, בע”ה, strive to do our part to cultivate good health amongst our students and families.


Some of the topics that we will focus upon this year will be:
  • Nutrition

  • Hygiene

  • Dental health

  • Mental health

  • Back and bone health


Over the summer, administration and faculty have been carefully planning to implement our midot curriculum from preschool through grade eight. Midot tovot is integrated into our Limudei Kodesh, Ivrit, and General Studies curriculums. However, the real success of the program is dependent upon all members of the community—adult and child, faculty, administration, parents, and students—being involved. Therefore, we invite everyone to join us on this most important mission!


What can parents do?
  1. Model the behaviors that you are seeking in your child. There is nothing which is more important or which has a greater impact than the דוגמא אישית, the personal example that an adult provides for a child. Our children will imitate us whether we like it or not; let us be excellent role models!

  2. Discuss good midot with your children on a level that is age appropriate. Shulamith will provide some materials to assist you in this process; however, we encourage you to go beyond what the school provides and engage your child in regular discussions regarding midot tovot. In particular, especially with older children, critically analyze news items that may, or may not, exemplify midot tovot.

  3. Practice…practice….practice… There is nothing more important than practicing midot tovot. As the ספר החינוך tells us: "כי אחרי הפעולות נמשכים הלבבות," "The heart is drawn after our actions." Therefore, we must practice proper deeds daily, regularly and constantly!

  4. Attend workshops that we will offer, IYH, on the midot theme.